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  • Opti-Seal Adhesive Lined Shrink Terminal Kit OPTI-MSK-24-SP

    Kit includes:
    • All of the most popular ring terminals, quick disconnects and butt connectors, all supplied with the Opti-seal crystal clear adhesive shrink tubing in wire gauges 22-18 ga,14-16ga and 12-10ga.
    • FREE TR-50 Ratchet Crimp Tool (crimps 22-8ga. terminals) to help you get that perfect crimp, without cutting the shrink tube

    Product Features:
    • Colored stripes provide you with a guide for the perfect alignment to crimp the center of the barrel, assuring you get the perfect crimp every time
    • Crystal clear shrink tubing allows for quicker and clearer visual inspection
    • Longer necks on ring terminals allow you to stack several on a flush surface without impeding each other, assuring a perfect contact
  • Packaging: EACH Must be ordered in quantities of 1.

  • High Bond Heavy Duty Harness Clips 151-01565-SP

    .20" panel thickness - black/green color


    .16" - .35" panel thickness - black color


    .31" - .51" panel thickness - black/gray color

    • Size: 1.21"L x 1.13"W x 1.7"H
    • Extremely durable adhesive achieves high pull-off force/li>
    • Two piece ratcheting wedge design allows for easy size adjustment
    • Made from polyamide 6.6, heat stabilized, glass fiber reinforced material
  • Packaging: EACH Must be ordered in quantities of 1.

  • FREE Can Caddy CAN CADDY

    Protect your equipment this winter with our most popular service aids. Buy any 6 or more & receive our Six Can Wall Mount Can Caddy (part #CAN CADDY) for free!

    CY-C-121 - Battery Terminal Protector, 11oz.

    CY-C-120 - Battery Terminal Cleaner, 15oz.

    CY-C-35 - Rubberized Under Coating, 16oz.

    ATC-16 - Air Tool Conditioner, 12oz.

    GDL-16 - Garage Door Lube, 12oz.

    SSP-620-1502 - Chain & Cable Lube, 20oz.

    SSP-620-1505 - Dry Moly Lube, 20oz.

    SSP-620-1506 - Dry Graphite, 20oz.

    SSP-620-1507 -Heavy Duty Anti-Seize, 20oz.

    DY-52115 - Silicone Lubricant, 10.25oz.

    DY-49596 - White Lithium Grease, 10.5oz.

  • In Catalog: Page 431 Packaging: EACH Must be ordered in quantities of 1.

  • Wall Mounted Abrasives Kit TS-16995

    Kit includes:
    • Mandrel - 3/8"
    • Twist Lock Holders - 2" & 3"
    • Aluminum Oxide Resin Bonded Cut Off Wheels - 3" x 1/16" & 3" x 1/32"
    • 50 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs - 2" & 3"
    • Coarse Grit Star-Brite Surface Conditioning Discs - 2" & 3"
    • Medium Grit Star-Brite Surface Conditioning Discs - 2" & 3"
    • 127 total pieces
    • All housed in a metal cabinet with plastic bins
  • Packaging: EACH Must be ordered in quantities of 1.

  • ECCO Spot/Flood LED Utility Bar w/ Safety Director EC-EW3420-SP
    • Combines a high intensity Safety Director™ with the powerful illumination of a work light
    • Features: weather-protected controller connection, 5-watt LED's, Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens & 15ft. cable
    • Rated 12-24VDC
    • Approvals: SAE Class I, CA T13, IP67 Rated
    • Size: 50.2"L x 3.6"H x 2.3"D
    • Candela: 36,695 (white / 6500 (amber)
    • Beam Distance: 1250ft. (white) / 381ft. (amber)
  • Packaging: EACH Must be ordered in quantities of 1.


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