Pandemic Update - Terminal Supply Co. is and will be open during this crisis. As an MRO supplier and wire harness manufacturer to Essential Service Providers across the nation, we are here to support your maintenance, repair and operations.


If our name doesn’t already say it, we have been in the terminal business for over 40 years. Whether you need ring terminals, spade terminals, fork terminals, or butt connectors and splices, we have them! There are many ways to terminate your wire, and along with our wide selection of ring, fork, and spade terminals, we also carry wire nuts, wire ferrules, and quick disconnects.

Some of our most popular lines include adhesive lined shrink terminals, nylon insulated terminals and solder shrink terminals. Our OEM product line includes Delphi/Packard terminals featuring the popular Weatherpack series as well as the Metri Pack 150, Metri Pack 280, Metri Pack 480, Metri Pack 630 and Weatherpack series. We also stock Deutsch terminals and connectors in the HD10, DT, and DTM series.