Why Wire Ferrules….

For September’s Kit of the Month we are featuring our BRAND NEW Master Wire Ferrule Kit.  It comes with 1300 wire ferrules ranging in size from 22 to 10 gauge, in both nylon insulated & non insulated versions.

Master Wire Ferrule Kit                                                                             MWF-KIT


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The main reason to use a wire ferrule is to prevent the wires from fraying or fanning out, which is a common problem when using stranded wire. Wire ferrules are cylindrical in shape and made of a tin plated copper. They are available with a nylon extruded jacket or non insulated.

In the first picture you can see a single strand of wire that has separated from the group of stranded wires. Occasionally this can happen during the installation process. This loose strand can cause a possible intermittent failure in the electrical system and these types of failures are more difficult to locate and can be very expensive to isolate and repair. Using a wire ferrule can turn a stranded wire with into a solid wire, which will in the end save you time & money.


They are also ideal for use in any application where you may need to insert & remove the wire numerous times, they will protect the wire from becoming frayed and unmanageable over time.

A wire ferrule can also ensure that you get 100% conductivity when inserting your terminated wire into the connection you are working with. For example- a terminal block or trailer receptacle and plug with pressure plated setscrews.


Here are a few other products that may come in handy:

Dielectric Grease

Dielectric grease is a non-conductive, silicone-based grease that’s designed to seal out dirt, moisture & prevent corrosion on electrical connectors & wiring. Click here to see more about what we offer.


Wire Strippers

The first step when using a wire ferrule is always stripping the insulating jacket to expose the inner strands of the wire.  Wire strippers come in many different varieties- self adjusting, spring loaded & compact to name just a few, but the one thing you need to look for is that it will work with the wire gauges you’re using. Click here to see more about what we offer.