TSC Manufacturing

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Production

TSC manufacturing has been providing the finest custom cable assembly and wire harness solutions in the industry for over ten years. We have grown in the marketplace due to our reputation for providing a high-quality item at a fair price.  Our vast experience enables us to offer services to many industries including automotive, GSE (ground service equipment), military, transportation, and medical equipment.  Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

Research and Development

For customers who need new product design, our research department can provide expert assistance.  Our design capabilities include CAD-CAM drawings and consulting on design options that increase quality and performance while lowering product costs.  If you have a working sample or print, we can quote to specification or provide recommendations for improvement.


Our skill and efficiency in building prototypes provides the necessary start to any successful project.  Our 45 years of distribution experience enables us to provide alternative component and cost solutions.  With 60,000 square feet of inventory, the solution is usually on the shelf.  We provide in process updates and assembly floor access to all customers utilizing our prototyping services.

JIT Inventory

In today’s fast pace of production, TSC Manufacturing understands the importance of having product when you need it.  We provide several options to allow our customers to have product they need without tying up their most critical asset – cash.  From blanket release orders to partnership agreements, TSC Manufacturing will work to find a program that works for you.

Custom Kitting

If your project involves multiple assemblies or the addition of loose parts to an assembly, let us put our years of kitting to work for you.  Since 1966, Terminal Supply Company has been providing custom kits to various industries.  Let us take this tedious and labor-intensive task out of your hands.  Provide us with a list of necessary parts and we will source and pack them according to your request.