February 2016 Kit of the Month – Grade 10.9 Metric Cap Screw Kit

This month TSC is offering our Grade 10.9 Metric Cap Screw Kit, featuring 1125 pieces, including grade 10.9 cap screws in diameters ranging from 6mm to 12mm, up to 90mm in length along with the hex nuts, flat & lock washers to go with them.


This kit is housed in our heavy duty 40 compartment metal bin (#40B9) that is 33-3/4″W x 42″H x 12″D and is made from cold rolled steel.


Grade 10.9 Metric Cap Screw Kit                                                                                          


$259.00 each 

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Click here to view the contents of this kit

TSC also offers a larger version of this kit, part number CAPM-72B12-109.  It’s bin is also made of the same cold rolled steel but the size is 33-3/4”W x 42”H x 12”D and it comes with 2320 pieces of cap screws, hex nuts, flat washers & lock washers.

Click here to view the contents of the CAPM-72B12-109


Some additional information on metric fasteners that you may find helpful when deciding which to use:

 Metric Bolt Head Marking and Strength Chart


Tensile Strength: The maximum load in tension (pulling apart) which a material can withstand before breaking or fracturing.

Yield Strength: The maximum load at which a material exhibits a specific permanent deformation

 Proof Load: An axial tensile load which the product must withstand without evidence of any permanent set.

1MPa = 1N/mm2 = 145 pounds/inch2

US Grade 5 = approx metric property class 8.8

US Grade 8= approx metric property class 10.9