December 2015 Kit of the Month – Self Drilling Tek Screw Kit

This month we are offering our Self Drilling Tek Screw Kit, featuring Phillips Pan Head & Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Tek Screws.


This kit arrives in our 24 compartment Large Metal Box (#LMB-24) and includes 570 self drilling tek screws in lengths 1/2″ – 2″ & diameters #6 – 1/4″.


Self Drilling Tek Screw Kit                                                                                          


$59.00 each 

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Tek Screw vs. Self Tapping Screw: What is the difference & what should I use?

One of the more frequently asked fastener questions is “What’s the difference between a tek screw and a self tapping screw?” Many people may think they are the same, and this leads to some confusion. There are actually some differences between these two types of screws commonly found in many mechanical insulation applications.

The advantages of using the tek screw is that they are excellent for combining two or more pieces of material (metal, wood, etc.).  Drilling and fastening is done in one motion. The tip enables stress free drilling in the hardest metals and eliminates the need to pre-drill holes.

Some common uses for tek screws are in metal-to-metal, metal-to-wood and thin metal applications (such as working with steel studs).

Tek Chart1


This chart will help you solve any problem you may have:

Tek Chart2