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Product Spotlight: March 2015 Kit of the Month


Introducing our brand new Wire Cabinet Kit with customizable top drawer.

The Wire Cabinet Kit can be as mobile as you need it to be – leave it on the truck, carry it to the job site, or just remove the kit in the top drawer and take it along with you.

This kit comes with seven spools of GXL wire – 6 100’ spools of 14 ga. wire (1 each: red, black, green, brown, blue, and yellow); and 1 100’ spool of 12 ga. ground wire in white.  The top drawer of this kit can be customized with one of the four kits described below included at no extra charge during the month of March.

 Your choice for only $239.00 each!

The first option is our small auto kit with nylon terminals for 22-18 and 16-14 ga. applications. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-KIT-1-SP)AUTO-KIT-SM-NAB

The second option is our small auto kit with nylon terminals for 16-14 and 12-10 ga. applications. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-2-KIT-SP)

Both of these terminal kits contain a collection of ring terminals, butt connectors, and quick disconnects with a nylon jacket ideal for high vibration environments.

Your two other options for kits are perfect for many industries, including: snow removal, landscaping, recycling, and utility installations.  These kits provide parts for water resistant connections that will protect the connection from the environment.

The third option is our small Weather Pack Kit.  This kit allows you to create connections from 1 to 4 wires using Delphi Weather Pack series of connectors.  Once this line is assembled, using all the required terminals, seals, and plugs; you will have a water resistant connection that will withstand exposure to the elements.  This is ideal for connecting LED or strobe lights that you may have on your service vehicle or in the process of upfitting your vehicle or trailer. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-3-KIT-SP)

The fourth choice is the adhesive lined shrink terminal kit.  This kit contains ring terminals, butt connectors, and quick disconnects and will work with 22-18 ga., 16-14 ga., and 12-10 ga. wire.  The specialty terminals supplied in this kit have an adhesive lined shrink tube jacket that, once crimped and sealed with a heat source, will give you a waterproof connection. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-4-KIT-SP)

STK-ABC-SM-12If you have any questions about this kit and your options, call us toll free at 800-989-9632 or contact your local sales rep.

NEWS: The TSC Family is Growing

photo 1

If you have ever called our 800 number, you’ve had the good fortune of speaking to our receptionist, Tahania. And if you’ve ever spoken to her, you know her professional demeanor and pleasant personality are a highly-valued asset at Terminal Supply. She’s helpful, friendly, and really great at her job.  What you may not know is that she is 8 months pregnant and ready to pop any day now.

Yesterday, we had a baby shower for her here at Terminal Supply headquarters to help her welcome her new bundle of joy.  Check out some of the pictures of our celebration and feel free to leave her and baby B some love in the comments.

BREAKING NEWS: Our Illinois Branch Has Moved!

New Schaumburg, IL location

Our new address is 906 MORSE AVE SCHAUMBURG IL. 60193

Check out our video tour –