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December 2015 Kit of the Month – Self Drilling Tek Screw Kit

This month we are offering our Self Drilling Tek Screw Kit, featuring Phillips Pan Head & Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Tek Screws.


This kit arrives in our 24 compartment Large Metal Box (#LMB-24) and includes 570 self drilling tek screws in lengths 1/2″ – 2″ & diameters #6 – 1/4″.


Self Drilling Tek Screw Kit                                                                                          


$59.00 each 

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Tek Screw vs. Self Tapping Screw: What is the difference & what should I use?

One of the more frequently asked fastener questions is “What’s the difference between a tek screw and a self tapping screw?” Many people may think they are the same, and this leads to some confusion. There are actually some differences between these two types of screws commonly found in many mechanical insulation applications.

The advantages of using the tek screw is that they are excellent for combining two or more pieces of material (metal, wood, etc.).  Drilling and fastening is done in one motion. The tip enables stress free drilling in the hardest metals and eliminates the need to pre-drill holes.

Some common uses for tek screws are in metal-to-metal, metal-to-wood and thin metal applications (such as working with steel studs).

Tek Chart1


This chart will help you solve any problem you may have:

Tek Chart2

October 2015 Kit of the Month – Nylon Snap Bushing Kit

Snap Bushing Kit

Snap bushings insulate and mechanically protect electrical and telecommunications cables, tubing, hose, rope, and utility lines along with mobile equipment and industrial machinery that have many metal compartments where wire and cable can be exposed to sharp metal edges and friction. You can mitigate the associated risks with nylon snap bushings.  Adding snap bushings to your metal compartments can help eliminate abrasion and protect wires and harnesses.

Snap bushings cover raw edges to smooth edges by adding a layer of insulation to every hole.  They also have locking fingers that work with a variety of maximum panel thicknesses.  No special tools are needed to insert these snap bushings.

Our snap bushings are made of durable, black 6/6 nylon which resists up to 35 pounds of pull.

Snap Bushings

Snap bushing in use


Application is simple – once you have your hole cut, simply snap the bushing into place and you’re done.





Nylon Snap Bushing Kit

$65.00 each
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  • Black nylon snap bushings in 23 different sizes
  • 230 total pieces in our 24-compartment large metal box (LMB-24)

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September 2015 Kit of the Month – Specialty Cable Tie Kit


This month, we are offering our Specialty Cable Tie Kit, which includes a variety of tie wraps to aid in securing hoses, cables, and harnesses to the frames of trucks and heavy equipment.  The kit contains 55 total pieces and is made up of 6 different ties, described below.

Fir Tree Push Mount Tie

This tie is made of a 6.6 heat stabilized polyamide material with an operating temp of -40°F to 221°F.  The fir tree grip is designed to grip the inside of a 1/4″ mounting hole.  It is made for use on sheet metal, wood and cast iron.


Aerial Support Spacer Cable Tie

Aerial support spacer cable ties are a two-piece design that allows for standard spacing between wires and cables.  This tie wrap is made of high impact polyamide 6.6 with an operating temperature of -40°F to 230°F.  The support spacer is made of high density outdoor black polypropylene with an operating temperature of -40°F to 239°F and both materials offer a resistance to sunlight, saltwater, and harsh chemical environments.


Button Head Ties

This tie offers a one-piece solution for bundles, eliminating the need for additional mounts and fasteners.  The strap has serrations on both sides and has two opposing pawls recessed within the domed head, enabled the strap to be directed either way through the button head.  The button head is made of polyamide 6.6 which is heat stabilized and has a temperature rating of -40°F to 230°F.

NOTE: In order to insure the strap is fully locked in its secure position, you will need to make sure the wedge (located in the top of the strap) is fully seated in the button and is flush with the top of the button.


Dual Clamp Ties

The Dual Clamp Ties are designed to provide separation between hoses, wires, and cables protecting them from abrasions.  The ties also have the optional mounting hole for securing bundles along the chassis of the trucks and heavy duty equipment.  These ties are made of polyamide 6.6 – impact modified, heat stabilized, and UV resistant.  The operating temperature is -40°F to 230°F.


Specialty Cable Tie Kit

$59.00 each
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  • Black fir tree cable ties, aerial support spacer cable ties, dual clamp cable ties, and button head cable ties
  • 55 total pieces in our 6-compartment large metal box (LMB-6)

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August Kit of the Month – Grade 10.9 Metric Cap Screw Kit

Metric Grade 10.9 Cap Screw Kit

This month, Terminal Supply is featuring our Grade 10.9 Metric Cap Screw Kit, which is stocked with some of our more popular sized screws, nuts, and washers.

With a total of 2,320 pieces, our 72 compartment bin keeps you organized and this kit ships with a set of printed labels so you can configure the bin to suit your needs.

To help save you time identifying parts, we are also including our metric bold sizing gauge absolutely FREE. This will help up you ID metric cap screws from 6mm to 16mm and also assist you in determining whether a fastener is coarse or fine pitch.

Metric Cap Screws

Metric cap screws have a raised marking of 10.9 on the head of the metric bolt indicates the hardness (or load, tensile strength, and hardness) of the bolt.  This is almost as high as they get and is nearly equivalent to a grade 8 SAE or USS bolt.  8.8 is also a common metric hardness.

What is pitch?

Metric fasteners are described in terms of thread pitch, as opposed to standard fasteners which are described in terms of thread count.  Pitch is the distance between threads using a millimeter measurement.

The “coarse” pitch is commonly recommended for industrial applications because of it’s durability and resistance to stripping.  Smaller pitches are designed for use in applications where the height of the normal “coarse” pitch would be unsuitable.  (e.g., threads in thin-walled pipes).  The terms “coarse” and “fine” have (in this context) no relation to the manufacturing quality of the thread.

The markings you will see on the head of a metric fastener are shown below:

Metric Bolt Table
August 2015 Kit of the Month

Grade 10.9 Metric Standard Cap Screw Kit

$699.00 each Order Online


  • Screws, nuts with nylon inserts, and flat washers in sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm

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June 2015 Kit of the Month – Stainless Steel Cotter Pin Kit


Terminal Supply is very pleased to introduce our June Kit of the month: our Stainless Steel Cotter Pin Kit

With this stainless steel cotter pin kit you can save valuable time usually wasted looking for just the right size cotter pin to suit your specific job or application.

Now, if you have ever experienced pitting or corrosion that has compromised the structural integrity of a machine or boat, the parts in this kit can help solve those issues, as well as a host of other common cotter pin issues.

The kit contains 950 cotter pins, all made of high grade Stainless Steel, and is housed in our 24-compartment large metal box.

We’ve been supplying our customers in industrial, marine and other “severe environment” industries for almost 50 years and have included all of the most commonly used sizes.

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Order Now: Stainless Steel Cotter Pin Kit

Stainless Steel Cotter Pin Kit - Overhead shot

Stainless Steel Cotter Pin Kit in our 24-compartment large metal box

We chose SAE 316 Grade Stainless Steel for 2 main reasons:
1) Its ability to withstand constant attacks by powerful, corrosive chemicals such as chlorides and acids.

2) Its resistance to oxidation in high temperature environments is superior to other types of steel.

Additional benefits of Stainless Steel:
Corrosion resistance
Lower alloyed grades resist corrosion in atmospheric and pure water environments, while high-alloyed grades can resist corrosion in most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine bearing environments, properties which are utilized in process plants.
Fire and heat resistance
Special high chromium and nickel-alloyed grades resist scaling and retain strength at high temperatures.
The easy cleaning ability of stainless makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions, such as hospitals, kitchens, abattoirs and other food processing plants.
Aesthetic appearance
The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance.
Impact resistance
The 300 series provides high toughness, from temperatures to far below freezing, making the series particularly suited to cryogenic applications.
Long term value
When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless is often the least expensive material option.

Product Spotlight: May 2015 Kit of the Month


Terminal Supply is very pleased to introduce our May Kit of the Month – our NEW AMP Superseal 1.5 Series Connector Kit.

This line of connectors is very reliable, along with being waterproof, making this series ideal for harsh environments in motor vehicle applications.

The connectors are suitable for industry specifications IEC 60529 and DIN 40050-9 I.P 6.7.

$165.00 each
(limited time only – pricing valid through May 21, 2015)
Order Now!

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Applications include:
• Wire-to-wire and ECU applications, under hood or any location where sealing is required
• Bus, truck, and off-road vehicles where vibration and the environment will be issues for the connections

Connector Features:
• Compact system minimizes packaging requirements
• Sealing reliability proven under harsh conditions
• Designed for ease of manual harness assembly, engine mounting and under hood environments
• They will work with 1 through 6 positions of wire to wire connections and will fit most applications

Product Spotlight: April 2015 Kit of the Month


The April kit of the month is our Miniature Bulb Kit (Part #:MIN-BULB-KIT-SP) and is available for only $59.00. This kit includes many popular incandescent miniature bulbs used in automobiles and trucks on the road today.

It is designed to save you time in your busy day. Now you can have 140 pieces of our most popular miniature bulbs used in this industry on hand and well-organized. When a bulb burns out, you will no longer need to waste extra time searching for its replacement.

This kit comes in our large, metal, 12-compartment box, which fits into our large metal housing for a complete storage solution.

Some of the many applications where these bulbs are used include: clearance/marker lights, back up lamps,  turn signals or even a stop/tail/turn light.

The bulbs in this kit have a variety of base types, including:

Mini Screw Base
Wedge Base
Double Contact Bayonet Base
Single Contact Bayonet Base
Double Contact Wedge Base
Double Rigid Loop

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Product Spotlight: March 2015 Kit of the Month


Introducing our brand new Wire Cabinet Kit with customizable top drawer.

The Wire Cabinet Kit can be as mobile as you need it to be – leave it on the truck, carry it to the job site, or just remove the kit in the top drawer and take it along with you.

This kit comes with seven spools of GXL wire – 6 100’ spools of 14 ga. wire (1 each: red, black, green, brown, blue, and yellow); and 1 100’ spool of 12 ga. ground wire in white.  The top drawer of this kit can be customized with one of the four kits described below included at no extra charge during the month of March.

 Your choice for only $239.00 each!

The first option is our small auto kit with nylon terminals for 22-18 and 16-14 ga. applications. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-KIT-1-SP)AUTO-KIT-SM-NAB

The second option is our small auto kit with nylon terminals for 16-14 and 12-10 ga. applications. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-2-KIT-SP)

Both of these terminal kits contain a collection of ring terminals, butt connectors, and quick disconnects with a nylon jacket ideal for high vibration environments.

Your two other options for kits are perfect for many industries, including: snow removal, landscaping, recycling, and utility installations.  These kits provide parts for water resistant connections that will protect the connection from the environment.

The third option is our small Weather Pack Kit.  This kit allows you to create connections from 1 to 4 wires using Delphi Weather Pack series of connectors.  Once this line is assembled, using all the required terminals, seals, and plugs; you will have a water resistant connection that will withstand exposure to the elements.  This is ideal for connecting LED or strobe lights that you may have on your service vehicle or in the process of upfitting your vehicle or trailer. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-3-KIT-SP)

The fourth choice is the adhesive lined shrink terminal kit.  This kit contains ring terminals, butt connectors, and quick disconnects and will work with 22-18 ga., 16-14 ga., and 12-10 ga. wire.  The specialty terminals supplied in this kit have an adhesive lined shrink tube jacket that, once crimped and sealed with a heat source, will give you a waterproof connection. Order Now (Part #: WCAB-4-KIT-SP)

STK-ABC-SM-12If you have any questions about this kit and your options, call us toll free at 800-989-9632 or contact your local sales rep.

Product Spotlight: September Kit of the Month


Multi-Function Jump Starter and Personal Power Supply Kit

Who doesn’t need their own personal power supply?  With all of the gadgets that keep us connected just about everywhere we go, it is ultra convenient to have a charging solution that is on the go with you.

Talk about the pinnacle of preparedness!  This nifty gadget jump starts cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and watercraft.  With one jump start port and one USB 5 volt output for electronic devices, you can charge and power your iPad, cell phone, Kindle, PSP, PDA, camera, and more!

Charging the unit is easy on the road or at home and you are protected with built-in over-charge and over-discharge protection.  Plus, it automatically powers off when not in use!

At only 12 oz., this device is a tiny beast and comes fully equipped with a home charger, mobile charger for cigarette lighter,  detachable mini jumper clamps, white universal USB cable with three of the most popular ends for cell phones and other devices, all wrapped up in a easy to carry nylon case.

Makes a great gift!

Product Spotlight: August Kit of the Month – STILL AVAILABLE!

Master Shrink Terminal Kit - Small

Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received on this kit, we have extended the special pricing for another MONTH!  You can still get our Master Shrink Terminal Kit – Small for $95.00!  BUT only until the end of September.

This kit includes 22-18 ga., 16-14 ga., 12-10 ga., and 8 ga. adhesive lined shrink terminals, splices and quick disconnects (205 total piece) all conveniently packed in our 24-compartment small metal bin.

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