August Kit of the Month – Grade 10.9 Metric Cap Screw Kit

Metric Grade 10.9 Cap Screw Kit

This month, Terminal Supply is featuring our Grade 10.9 Metric Cap Screw Kit, which is stocked with some of our more popular sized screws, nuts, and washers.

With a total of 2,320 pieces, our 72 compartment bin keeps you organized and this kit ships with a set of printed labels so you can configure the bin to suit your needs.

To help save you time identifying parts, we are also including our metric bold sizing gauge absolutely FREE. This will help up you ID metric cap screws from 6mm to 16mm and also assist you in determining whether a fastener is coarse or fine pitch.

Metric Cap Screws

Metric cap screws have a raised marking of 10.9 on the head of the metric bolt indicates the hardness (or load, tensile strength, and hardness) of the bolt.  This is almost as high as they get and is nearly equivalent to a grade 8 SAE or USS bolt.  8.8 is also a common metric hardness.

What is pitch?

Metric fasteners are described in terms of thread pitch, as opposed to standard fasteners which are described in terms of thread count.  Pitch is the distance between threads using a millimeter measurement.

The “coarse” pitch is commonly recommended for industrial applications because of it’s durability and resistance to stripping.  Smaller pitches are designed for use in applications where the height of the normal “coarse” pitch would be unsuitable.  (e.g., threads in thin-walled pipes).  The terms “coarse” and “fine” have (in this context) no relation to the manufacturing quality of the thread.

The markings you will see on the head of a metric fastener are shown below:

Metric Bolt Table
August 2015 Kit of the Month

Grade 10.9 Metric Standard Cap Screw Kit

$699.00 each Order Online


  • Screws, nuts with nylon inserts, and flat washers in sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm

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